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The Story

The passion of three friends to do something different, the idea of ​​breaking paradigms and the motivation for continuous improvement. Mexican bubbles inside a bottle of wine.

Cristina Pino, a Spaniard wine maker, with a PHD in Oenology and many years in Baja under her belt. Sergio Heras originally from Mendoza Argentina, where he studied a degree in oenology at the Juan Agustín Maza University. He came to Mexico in 2015 and stay here as a consultant since then. Daniel Lonnberg is originally from Santiago de Chile, where he studied Agronomy and Oenology in the University of Chile. Mr. Lonnberg comes from a culture in which good wine had to be part of every reunion. He came to Ensenada to work in the harvest a couple of years, and he had the chance to appreciate the richness of this place, its people, its local products, and the huge potential of Guadalupe's Valley.

Owner: Cristina Pino, Daniel Lonnberg & Sergio Heras
Winemaker: Cristina Pino, Daniel Lonnberg & Sergio Heras
Production: 500 cases


(Sergio Heras, Cristina Pino, Daniel Lonnberg / Partners) 

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email: cava3para1@gmail.com

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