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The Story

Our history is woven with more than 60 years of dedication to organic agricultural production in a beautiful corner of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Initially, our fields were festooned with fruit trees such as peaches, almonds, apples, and pears. This rich heritage has given us a deep understanding of the region's soil and climate, preparing us for an exciting chapter in our history: the production of exceptional wines. In our vineyard, we honor the land from its roots. We are proud to be an Oregon Tilth certified organic vineyard in the USA. This commitment allows us to care for and respect the fruit from its origin, offering you authentic and healthy wines.

Dos Búhos is the fusion of earth and art. During the aging of our wines, we delight them with baroque music, creating a symphony that mixes with the aromas and flavors in each 

barrel. Just as the greatest works of art require time and dedication, we too have accumulated experience and passion over the years, which are reflected in the personality of our wines.

At Dos Búhos, the grapes we use come exclusively from our vineyard. This allows us to capture the maximum expression of the San Miguel de Allende terroir, bringing the essence of this unique region to your glass. Our wines are a tribute to the land, a show of respect for nature and a celebration of the pairing with art. Each bottle and vintage that we share with you is a little piece of our love for the land, the knowledge we have acquired and the experience we have accumulated over time.


Owner:  Higinio and Diane Maycotte
Winemaker:  Alejandra Cordero
Production: 4,000 Cases



(Higinio & Diane Maycotte / Owners)

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Website: dosbuhos.com
Phone: (
+52) 415 124 7583


Tasting Room Hours: 11:00am to 4:00pm Tuesday-Sunday

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