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Located in the heart of the Antigua Ruta del Vino, South of Ensenada, Bin Valle de la Grulla, the Aldo Cesar Palafox winery is firmly rooted in family traditions that originated centuries ago by the Spanish missionaries.  At the heart of the family’s traditions is an understanding and appreciation for the land and the importance of responsible stewardship which insures that it will be enjoyed and farmed by future generations of Palafox.

The family tradition of making wine dates back to the nineteenth century with the focus being on artisan winemaking for family consumption.  In 1997, the planting of noble grape varietals initiated the evolution of a new wine project and in 2009, a new subterranean cellar was incorporated to this project.

For more than three generations Palafox has honored the vision of the missionaries over these lands while embracing the family’s wine tradition.  Steadily they have improved farming techniques as well as incorporating modern winemaking practices.  All with one goal in mind . . . . making wine that pays tribute to Baja California’s proud wine making history and culture that spans more than 100 years.

Owner: Palafox Family 
Winemaker: Lourdes Martinez Ojeda 
Production: 5,000 cases

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Website: www.aldopalafox.mx
Email: info@aldopalafox.com

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