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The Story

In 1911, Rosendo Dávila bought land in the Sierra de Arteaga, nestled in them is the Rancho El Cedrito which has been our beloved family property for five generations. In 2009 our father, Rosendo A. Villarreal invited us to plant a vineyard and produce high-quality wines. In 2009 we planted the first vineyard on a small plot of land. After a long learning process, where we overcame frost, hail, drought, pests, and other problems until in 2012 we had our first wine, "Primicias". Here in Coahuila, the grapes mature slowly, surrounded by pine forests in a perfect contrast between the strong sun and the cold nights of the mountain, at more than two thousand a hundred meters in height.

We visited many vineyards in countries with a great winemaking tradition, we sought specialized advice and we found the generosity of José Milmo, developer of the new Casa Madero. Under his guidance, we established our current vineyard and state-of-the-art facilities for winemaking.  Since our first vintage in 2012,  we have made many investments to grow and continue producing wines of quality from Coahuila.  

The Location

Bodega Los Cedros is a Mexican vineyard and winery located in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila dedicated to the wine harvest since 2012. It originated motivated by the passion and dream of a family to produce high-quality wines within a magical place, more than 100 years old named "El Cedrito." 



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Website: www.bodegaloscedros.com

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