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Bodegas Henri Lurton


The Story

Born out of an adventure that links France to Mexico.  Henri Lurton, owner of Grand Cru Classé, Chateau Brane-Cantenac in Margaux, with the support of his eldest sons, Vincent & Nicolas, has made a significant investment in Baja California.  Convinced by its winemaking potential, the warmth of its people and the generosity of its land, the Lurton Family is intent on creating one of Baja California’s premier wineries.

One of the brand’s “secret weapons” is the fact that the “Lurton Family Business” has been firmly rooted in wine for generations.  At last count, the Lurton family tree can count more than 30 wine projects around the world.  Needless to say, having access to generations of information and experience can be quite useful when launching a new brand into the emerging market like Baja.

Seamlessly bridging the cultural and viticultural divide between France & Mexico has been key to the brand’s rapid rise and acceptance in both the United States & Mexico.

Bodegas Henri Lurton seeks to faithfully convey nature’s bounty and the Baja Terroir, uniting it with the mestizo vision that is based around tradition and authenticity.

Owner: Henri Lurton
Winemaker: Nicolas Lurton
Production: 3,000

Vincent Nicolas Henri LurtonVincent, Nicolas & Henri Lurton

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Email: info@bodegashenrilurton.com
Website: www.bodegashenrilurton.com

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