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The Story

At De Cote Winery, their philosophy is that they are a wine purveyor that is here to surprise you.  To help you disconnect from the world and let you experience enology at your own pace in a complete sensory experience.   

At De Cote, our land is caressed by the sun, rocked by the wind, and tanned by time.  Here at De Cote is where you can discover the emotion of the great finds and enjoy the taste of the good life.

The different processes of fermentation have their foundation in our wine industry, designed and equipped with the most current technology, allowing permanent monitoring of all and each one of the tanks of stainless steel, where each batch of must wine ferments and is preserved, up until the subsequent steps of conservation in tanks or in oak barrels. Each stage of the production of our wines is supervised by our technical team, through sensorial analysis and physicochemical analysis.

The Location

At 2,020 meters above sea level, on a high plateau of cold winters and cool springs, there are 50 hectares of fertile and generous soil. In them, we cultivate more than 20 varieties of grapes, in a harmonious way, respecting nature and its surroundings greatly, focused on obtaining for you the maximum potential of scent and flavor of each one of them. Our team of viticulturist agronomists is in charge of taking care of each plant so that it produces the desired quality and quantity of grapes. After the grape harvest and a thorough selection of the best grapes, our expert wine producers become the witnesses that will supervise the rest of the process until it gets to the bottle, going through our winery, where the magic takes place


Winemaker:  Ignacio Calderon

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Website:  www.decote.mx
Email: reservaciones@decote.mx

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