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Fincas MX


The Story

Sergio Heras originally from Mendoza Argentina, where he studied a degree in oenology at the Juan Agustín Maza University.

His father is a Surveyor engineer and former almond producer and his mother an Agronomist engineer, are the fourth generation to run the family vineyards for more than 80 years located in Argentina, who passed on the passion for the countryside wine.

Sergio Heras worked in recognized wineries in Mendoza and Australia, in 2015 he arrived in Baja California to develop projects from the beginning.

He currently works as an advisor to Chatou Camou, Viña Emiliana and Finca Tree in the Guadalupe valley.

Thanks to the exploration of different vineyards in Baja California, he decided to form FincasMX, "to make wines from private farms"trying to highlight the characteristics of each variety and lands.


Owner: Sergio Heras
Winemaker: Sergio Heras
Production: 1200 Cases


(Sergio Heras / Winemaker)

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Email: fincasmx@gmail.com
Phone: +52 222 554 9644
Ensenada, B.C., Mexico


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