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The Story 

Like numerous other wine fanatics, Roganto began as a hobby between two friends who enjoyed the experimentation, exploration and trial and error that each vintage brings. For close to 15 years, Rogelio Sanchez del Palacio and Antonio Luis Escalante Dominguez enjoyed this noble pursuit with one goal in mind . . .produce a wine that they could enjoy with friends & family.

Finally, in 2001, after achieving a loyal following for their “garage wine”, they finally took a leap of faith, combined their two first names to come up with “Roganto” and officially launched their brand.

Working from a nondescript building, Roganto gradually built a cult-like following throughout Mexico. A low-key marketing approach helped to foster the legend about the winery and it has been said more than once that “Roganto is like the devil, everyone talks about it but no one has seen it.”

With an approximate production of 20,000 cases and another 10 hectares in development in Valle de San Jacinto, south of Ensenada between Santo Tomas and San Vicente, there should be plenty of wine available for Roganto’s growing customer base in Mexico and the U.S.

Owners: Antonio Luis Escalante Dominguez & Rogelio Sanchez del Palacio
Winemaker: Antonio Luis Escalante Dominguez
Production: 20,000 cases

Roganto - Owner
Antonio Luis Escalante Dominguez - Proprietor/Winemaker

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Website: www.roganto.com 
Email: vinos@roganto.com / 

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