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The Story:

Drosophila is born from introspection, after the understanding of this wine task, this task that turned into passion, like the search for something that gives additional meaning to life and optimism to the spirit. This is how Drosophila found in viticulture an enology a connection with the land an intuition wth science that transforms it.

The philosophy of Drosophila is that the human hand does not distort the relationship of the vinewith its environment, but rather guides it, remembering that man as such is part of the process.

"Respect for the land, the hand and the nature"


Owners: Jorge Uribe
Winemaker: Jorge Uribe
Production: 500 Cases



Photogallery rendered here.


Email; jorge@vinosdrosophila.com
Phone; +52 646 247 7741
Carretera Ensenada - Tecate 990, Int. l, El Sauzal, Ensenada, B.C. Mexico.


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Only by Appointment.



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