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The Story

Casa Jipi started as a clear example of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”, (or wine, in our particular case). Times of crisis brought together 2 families, 2 wineries, 2 valleys and gave birth to this incredible project that binds together Rancho Llano Colorado, one of the region’s most important and sought after grape producers, Vinicola Bruma the up-and-coming winery pushing Mexican boundaries in winemaking, and Lulu Martinez Ojeda, one of the leading winemakers in Mexico changing the wine scene as one of its prominent ambassadors internationally. 

The concept is simple, make the bestwine possible with the best grapes available at a consumer friendly price, allowing our region to have the exposure that it deserves. Through our 3 wines, exclusively distributedin the US, Casa Jipi White, Casa Jipi Rose and Casa Jipi Red, our terroir and origin speaks: good wine with no makeup, direct from our vineyard to your table, the way it should be.

Casa Jipi, (pronounced Hippie) is a “pochismo” that shows how diversity and mixticity enrichens our countries. We all have un poquito de Jipi in ourselves, both sides of the border.


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