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The Story

Vinisterra was founded in 2002, born out of the friendship between the entrepreneur, Guillermo Rodriguez Macouzet, and the enologist, Christoph Gaertner and their common passion for wine and the terroir of Ensenada valleys.

Vinisterra is a composed word Vinis for vino (wine) and terra for tierra (soil, earth), so we can translate that into vino de la tierra (wine of the earth, soil) o tierra del vino (land of wine). We understand wine as a product of origin, it grows in some parts of the world not everywhere and we have to respect and understand that. Christoph has a great saying about wine:
"Wine grows, it is not made referring to the importance of where it comes from, where it grows, its weather, its soil, its surroundings and the people involved in the process. We are a micro-producer winery with 15 collaborators, producing 4000 cases of wine per year with a deep respect of our lands and our community.
We try to express with pride the great nature of Baja California through our wines.

The grapes for our wines grow in our vineyards in Santo Tomas valley and San Antonio de las Minas in Guadalupe valley in a surface of 11 hectares.

Our winery was built out of bricks that were made with the soil of the town. We work with a minimum intervention oenology so consequently the wines of every single vine can express itself with a unique and pure taste as much as possible.


Owner: Christoph Gartner and Guillermo Rodriguez Macouzet
Winemaker: Christoph Gartner
Production: 4,200 Cases

(Christoph Gartner / Winemaker)

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Email: contacto@vinisterra
Phone: +52 646 155 3233
Calle Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, C.P. 22766
San Antonio de las Minas, Ensenada, B.C


Tasting Room Hours: 
11:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday-Monday



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