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Hacienda Guadalupe

Vinos Melchum at Hacienda Guadalupe

Hacienda Guadalupe is a winery, restaurant and boutique hotel and a family project that  started in 2008.  Our focus is to offer a pleasant sensory experience in every one of the areas .  Hacienda Guadalupe has a boutique line of wines that total seven labels of which three are available in the U.S through La Competencia.

OWNER: Daniel Sanchez and Gabriela Melchum 
WINEMAKER: Daniel Lonnberg 
PRODUCTION: 2,000 cases

Daniel Sanchez and Gabriela Melchun Daniel Sanchez and Gabriela Melchum - Owners

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Valle de Guadalupe,
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

+52 (646) 155-2860

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CA, Chicago, Las Vegas, El Paso

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